Chat with visitors directly from Microsoft Teams

Transform website visitors into customers with our integrated Live chat—right within Microsoft Teams

Customize Your Live Chat Widget to Perfectly Reflect Your Brand

Customize your brand's live chat widget to perfectly match your company's style by choosing from a variety of options such as custom colors, logos, text, default responses, and tab styles

Gain total design control with our free JavaScript API included in all plans for ultimate customization.

Easily integrate a live chat widget in your website

Seamlessly integrate live chat into your website and streamline your customer care and sales processes. Say goodbye to the hassle of additional software and start chatting with your website visitors in no time.

Get up and running site-wide in under 5 minutes.

Direct engagement by your whole team

When a visitor to your site initiates a new chat session, MokaChat creates a dedicated thread for just that conversation. Your team will see a notification in your Microsoft Teams channel, and any of the operators can join in the conversation at any time

Leverage your existing Microsoft Teams—no extra tabs needed.

How It works

Get Up and Running in Minutes with Three Easy Steps

Add our Teams app to your team.

Simply select Add to Teams below, then choose the Install App option within Teams to add it to your team.

Add Code Snippet to your site

Next, get the MokaChat widget code snippet from our website.

Chat from your Teams channel

Start chatting with your visitors on your site in Ms Teams.

Chat with customers directly from Microsoft Teams.

Convert Website Visitors into Loyal Customers and Deliver Exceptional Support! Integrate Live Chat Seamlessly with Microsoft Teams

No credit card needed